Poached Octopus…

poached 1/2 of an octopus cooling down
Poached 1/2 of an octopus cooling down.  I like to leave part of the skin on for texture.

…waiting to be marinated to be grilled as part of tomorrow’s lunch menu.

This morning I bought 1/2 of an octopus from the Jianguo morning market for $160 NTD which is about $6 U.S.  image

Preparing an octopus for grilling is an overnight process where you need to cook and tenderize it first by poaching, then marinate it overnight.  An Italian mother’s tip is to poach the octopus in disguarded wine corks.  Nobody seems to know why but its one of those unexplainable pnenominas that helps tenderize the octopus.  After poaching the octopus is shrinks up a bit but it is still more than enough for 5 grilled portions with other accompaniments.

Mainrated in red wine, bay leaves, garlic, rosemary, lemon and wine corks


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