First Weekday Bike Ride to the Mountains…


Sintty and I go on organized bike rides with our friends to the mountains every Sunday morning at dawn.  But since we returned to Taiwan 4 weeks ago, our bike rides have either been cancelled or cut short due to rain as it is rainy season in Taiwan now.  Riding on high-speed bikes are way too dangerous for wet roads.  There are also organized bike rides every other week day for anyone who is available so we planned on going for the first time this morning to continue to regain our cardio that we lost when we returned to NYC last May.

The island country of Taiwan is made up of many scenic mountain ranges.

Taichung City is located central west of Taiwan about 71 miles south of Taipei, the capital city.  It is surrounded by mountain ranges to the east and south so it is so convenient to ride out to different parts of the mountains from the city.  Week day rides are about 4 1/2 hours long that include a stop for breakfast on the return trip back.

Heading due east out of the city and to the mountains

The organized group is run by our friends  a husband and wife and son who own a bicycle shop close by our home in the South District of Taichung.  My legs are naturally skinny and i always hate to exercise them when we go to the gym.  Joining these organized bicycle rides was not only a way for us to see the beautiful mountains surrounding Taichung, but it was a also a way for me to build up my skinny legs.

waiting at a red light on our way out of Taichung City

Today we awoke to a beautiful morning.  And it is so true how a sunny day changes the mood and outlook of a person compared to a dark rainy day.  After weeks of raining all day or part of the day, today was one of those days where everything around me was beautiful..

On our way up one of many roads leading into the surrounding mountains
Stopping on this particular mountain ridge that ends this weekday cardio ride..
This particular bike route today we rode past a mountain ridge golf course. The first golf course I have seen since I have been here.


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