Jiji Railway Station


64 mile roundtrip bike ride today from Taichung to the old historic Jiji Railway Station in the southeast mountains of Nantou County.  4 days in a row of sunshine after 4 weeks of on and off rain and today was another beautiful day and perfect for this morning’s bike ride with our organized bike riding group of friends into the mountains.  Jiji Rail Station is a short west to east 4 station stop historical railway that dates back to 1922 when Japan had colonized Taiwan.  imageDuring the Japanese occupation, part of improving the infrastructure of Taiwan was to build a hydro power plant from the waters of Sun Moon Lake which is the largest fresh water lake in central Taiwan.

The railway line was built to haul equipment for the power plant project and also to help service transportation for the local mountain towns in between. image imageToday, the railway is still active with modern artsy looking trains that still services the local people in this part of the mountains.  All 4 rail stations are still original or have been refurbished to original period architecture.  There are also plenty of historical sites around the railways line as well as many routes for biking.

Today’s route which led southeast out of  Taichung City to Jiji Rail Station had some long straightaways through some local towns and then a long gradual ascent up the mountain.  It was great for endurance and Sintty and I definitely regained our cardio and strength in our legs on today ride.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day with a great group of friends …

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