Happiness, but There Are Always Silent Tears of Joy…

Happiness, yet there are always silent tears of joy of the constant reminders of your same soul.

imageToday Sintty and I registered for library cards at the Taichung City Library.  Afterwards while taking advantage of the beautiful and vast library grounds I took pictures of Sintty and our 3 dogs, Kobe, Lola and Mina.  The next thing I knew this young girl was standing next to us admiring our dogs.  I unleashed Kobe and handed him over to her for her to hold and she lovingly held onto Kobe as if Kobe was hers,  imageI took a couple pictures of her with Kobe and showed it to her and she was glowing from ear to ear.  I turned around to retrieve Kobe’s leash and when I turned back to reattached the leash to Kobe the little girl was gone.  Sintty told me she told her that she had been waiting for her father to pick her up from the library and she went to the front of the library to meet where her father was to pick her up.

Sintty and I stayed a little longer as we sat down to rest in the shade and I had a chance to review the pictures I had just taken.  The pictures of Sintty and the 3 dogs looked great.  I was happy because I finally had a picture of Sintty with all 3 dogs looking in the same direction into the camera.  Then I looked at the pictures again of the young girl with Kobe.  Then it started to hit me.  Flashes of my daughter Nicole appeared in place of the young girl with Kobe.  imageThen flashes of Nicole and Patrick appeared in place of Kobe and Lola this time in the pictures with Mina and Sintty.

You see whatever was meant to be was meant to be.  I believed in that when I left home and decided to live and work in NYC on my own.  In 26 years of marriage there were just as many lows as there were highs.  But the common thread in our marriage was always the care and love for our 2 children.  I dedicated my life in taking care of them because yes,  I loved seeing a bit of myself and Sintty in each of Patrick and Nicole.  I would do it all over again in an instant in taking care of them. image

Kobe entered our lives 6 1/2 years ago, then Lola a year later.  Its crazy but Kobe and Lola’s persona is almost identical to my family.  Kobe is like me and my son.  And Lola is like Sintty and my daughter.  Mina entered our lives 8 months ago.  And she is like the 3rd child that Sintty and I always wanted but never had.  So in a profound way, I am truly doing it all over again.  Taking care of my kids through Kobe, Lola and Mina.  These dogs are crazy intelligent, sensitive, loving and loyal just like my kids.  We love them to death.   So I have found at this time in my life my happiness, but there are always silent tears of joy of the constant reminders of your same soul.

4 thoughts on “Happiness, but There Are Always Silent Tears of Joy…

  1. Joseph Aspray

    Where was this wonderfully expressive Ed Lem during our many years at Hess together?

    I share all of your emotions. Kudos for articulating them so feelingly!


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