My Backseat Driver is Driving Her Own Scooter Now…

imageMy backseat driver is now the owner of her own scooter now!  A Kymco Many 110cc Model which is commonly ridden by many Taiwanese women.  A nice light scooter that Sintty can handle. Sintty’s scooter is white so she’s easily visible to cars, buses, trucks and pedestrians.   image
We take driving our scooters seriously here as it is not only a way of life here but it is also dangerous as well, because of the congested roads in Taichung.  Just as it is common to see a different poodle here everyday, it is also common to see an accident involving a scooter every day.  You can be the safest driver out there but it means nothing here in Taichung.  You have to image

prepare for the unexpected as nothing is a given regarding common sense driving. The unexpected comes in the form of scooter drivers that enter roads by turning without looking, or failure to signal or failure of cars, buses or trucks that fail to see scooter in their blind spot in their mirrors when making right hand turns.

We had Sintty’s scooter delivered to our Apartment

Scooters define the way of life here in Taiwan. To stop at a red light is like a party.  Everyone, from single riders, to couples, to families of 4, to dogs, to workers identifying their line of work with ladders, tools, recyclable.
Every stoplight you feel uninhibited with the fellow riders around you.  There is nothing more romantic or charming than to see the intimacy of a girlfriend,  boyfriend, or spouse or child, young or the old,  holding on to the driver while riding shotgun.  Some with or without exhaust masks on, some with their facial shield down or up.  I always feel there is nothing more intriguing or fascinating than you could be

Apartment buildings also have garage accommodations for scooters.
Apartment buildings also have garage accommodations for scooters.
My 180cc scooter (right) and Sintty’s 110cc scooter (left) in our apartment subbasment garage

sitting at a red light next to a helmeted woman and only guess what she may look like.  And there is definitely in my book nothing more sexier than a female scooter riding way ahead of the pack at high speed.  My scooter is 180cc, and its fast when i go full tilt . But there were times there were women going more faster.  Again it’s that mystic of the women that is racing ahead you without fear that I find mysteriously sexy! lol….At some intersections you could be waiting by yourself, or you could be waiting with up to 50, 60, 70 scooters depending on the time of the day.  Its fascinating when a light turn green, how it an organized chaos in that everybody accelerating at the same time, but calmly waiting for the person in front of them accelerate while you hold onto the brake and accelerator at the same time, so that you can move slowly without falling off balance.   I have never seen anyone rear bump each other during when leaving at the green light.

imageIt is a lot of fun riding a scooter.  Even at the age of 51.  I never rode a motorcycle in my life, but I can now relate now why so many people enjoy riding motorcycles.
You feel free and independent and to me personally, to own a  scooter in Taiwan is like it finally affirms my permanency here.  That I may be an outsider to some, but with the helmet on I am now part of them. A Taiwanren (Taiwan citizen).

2 thoughts on “My Backseat Driver is Driving Her Own Scooter Now…

  1. Joseph Aspray

    Whose scooter is blue? Do the inhabitants know you are American even before you speak? My dream, never fulfilled, when living in Europe was to be mistaken for a European.


    1. Joe, the blue scooter was a another brand that Sintty was test driving the other day. We wound up getting her new white scooter from our friend’s store which is the same place where we bout our first one that I drive.

      My height and my beard is an automatic give way in Taiwan for being a Waiguoren (foreigner). Americans are actually highly regarded here in Taiwan not only as for being their staunch ally against Mainland China but for the usual American land of opportunities sentiments that they have read and seen.


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