Baked Chicken and Mozzarella Roll…

imageBaked Chicken and Mozzarella Roll…A chicken cutlet with tomato and mozzarella stuffed in and rolled in pizza dough roll.  I miss this from my local pizzerias back in New Jersey.   I’m real happy with the texture of my pizza dough with this as well as the baked calzone I made previously.  It has a light chewy,  yet still crispy texture hot out of the oven.

With Emma Ho and Sung-Yan Wei
With Wen-Liang Wei

imageI Made a chicken roll and some more fried stuffed ricotta and sausage raviolis for our friends, Emma Ho and Sung-Yan Wei and their son Wen-Liang Wei, who are the proprietors of the bike shop from where the organized bike trips originate from.  Emma, Sung-Yan and Wen-Liang stayed with us the entire time of our bike accident on Sunday until Sintty was finished at the Emergency Room.  We can’t thank them all enough for their kindness, generosity  and their friendship.


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