Sights and Sounds From Mid Autumn Harvest Moon Festival 2015…

Entrance to Taichung Tzu Chi
Entrance to Taichung Tzu Chi

Sights and Sounds From Mid Autumn Harvest Moon Festival 2015…The Lunar Moon celebration is one of the country’s major holidays.  It is a 3 day holiday of family gatherings, bbqs , fireworks and moon cakes.  We kicked off festivities Saturday with a stop to the Taichung Tzu Chi Foundation for holiday music activities.  Tzu Chi is Taiwan’s Buddhist version of the Red Cross charitable organization for worldwide disaster and humanitarian relief.   Sintty and I volunteered our time with the Chinatown, NYC branch and we are now formalizing our transition with the Taichung branch.

Saturday evening we stopped over our friend’s apartment building for a dinner party that the building was hosting as part of the Lunar Moon celebrations.  Some buildings host dinner parties as a way of community celebrating. This dinner party was held in the lobby of our friend’s building.  Compared to Taipei, everything is big in terms of imagespace.  Recent construction in Taichung has seen a boom in residential condominiums where common areas for the residents are very spacious.  In addition to small gyms there are dining rooms for hosting your own gatherings, karaoke rooms, virtual golf driving range rooms, and in the  building there are private restaurants.

Today, we rode our scooter with Kobe, Lola and Mina on one of our organized bike routes to the mountains that we just rode on last week Sunday.     We have an improvised bicycle basket that conveniently fits snugly on the floor of my scooter with reinforced bungee cords.

Mountain dogs for the day.
Mountain dogs for the day.

Our dogs are attached by leashes that are anchored from the basket floor and extends up to their collars.  Today, revisiting the bike route by scooter gave us an appreciation of the degrees of difficulty and the number of hills we climbed by bike on this particular  route.

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