Typhoon Dujuan Underway – 2nd Typhoon in 2 Months…

Wulai is pinned in red. The blue dot is Taichung City where we reside

Typhoon Dujuan Underway – 2nd Typhoon in 2 Months…Lunar moon was here last night and now heavy wind and rain tonight.  Hasn’t rained in 3 weeks as we have enjoyed East Coast U.S fall weather in September.  Typhoon Dujuan is expected to hit landfall on the East coast at about 11pm in a similar northeasterly track as Typhoon Souldeor that hit in August.  Rain will last for couple of days when the typhoon exits the area.  Typhoon Souldeor in August caused major damage in the resort area of Wulai which was in the typhoon’s path.  Wulai is a major hot springs resort area and is still recovering from last month’s typhoon.  Taichung received a lot of structural roof damage and a lot of commercial store signing damage and heavy tree damage with downed trees and limbs.

Today is the end of a 3-day lunar moon holiday in Taiwan.  Most schools and offices were closed today anyway, but the government shut down the High Speed Railway at 12pm and it was getaway day for returning vacationers.  A lot of people got stranded today that relied on the High Speed Railway to return home.  The High Speed Railway connects Taiwan from the northern city of Taipei thru the central city  of Taichung, where we are located, to the southern city of Kaohsiung.

The video where this was shot is from the balcony of our living room which faces the front of our building.  You can see some tree damage already in the the small park in front of our building.  Our building faces north so we feel all easterly and westerly winds across the building facade from our balcony.  Our master bedroom also faces north.  For safety reasons to get away from the master bedroom windows, we will probably sleep in the 2nd bedroom that faces south and is also shielded from the wind.

CNN Link to Typhoon Dujuan: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/27/weather/typhoon-dujuan/

imageEarlier this morning when the rain began I went to the gym on my scooter.  Driving in the rain is as normal here as driving on a sunny day.  Long light rubber rain coats to cover your legs are a must as well as wearing flip flops/sandals  instead of shoes or sneakers so they do not get soaked.  Helmet face shields protect you from the rain when riding and cover down to the bottom of your nose.  My one annoyance was rain always hitting my mouth.  imageToday I improved an additional extended shield with plastic by attaching it to the bottom of my face shield with metal mini binder clips.  Punched some taped holes on the bottom portion of the plastic to help the wind ventilate through while driving.  I also slipped the plastic between my chin and helmet chin strap to keep the bottom part of the plastic in place.  The force of the wind keeps the extended plastic flat to my upper chest.

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