Bread Winner of the Family…

The Bread Winner of the Family…has always been Sintty.

Sintty has been amazing with boundless energy since we got back from NYC in August.  Besides the small hiccup that sidelined her momentarily from our bicycle accident, Sintty has been doing some crazy busy things here in Taichung.

Aced her scooter license

First of all, after failing her road test  last week, we came back to the DMV today and Sintty aced her scooter road test and received her scooter drivers license.  What took me 3 road tests and probably about 12 hours of
practice time, took Sintty a combined total of about 2 hours for someone who never driven a scooter before. Lol

Bread Winner of the Family

2nd, she has also been taking baking class from a local bakery and yesterday her teacher came over to help her bake her first loaf of bread.  Baking seems to come naturally in her family as her older brother has a successful bakery business in NYC…

Road Warrior

3rd, we ride together with an organized bike group to the mountains every Sunday morning.  She was momentarily out of commission the last 2 weeks from getting bumped from her bicycle from an accident I caused at high speed…

Calligraphy homework

4th, she has been taking calligraphy class from our local community center..

5th, she exercises with an organized tai chi group every morning at 7am in the park across the street from our apartment…

Sewing Class

6th, she takes a sewing class and makes our own custom dog bags and purses…

Gym rat

7th, she goes to the gym to exercise with me 4 days out of the week…

Entrance to Taichung Tzu Chi

8th, she has been volunteering her time with the local Tzu Chi humanitarian and disaster relief charitable organization

Loving mother and dear wife

9th,  Mom to our 3 dogs and also to 1 very proud husband.

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