Scooter Intimacy…A Glimpse Into the Taiwan Way of Life…

Scooter Intimacy…A Glimpse Into the Taiwan Way of Life…

Turbo charged scooter?
Turbo charged scooter?

There is something about sitting at a red light on your scooter.   Every day, any time, rain or shine, day or night.  Sitting at a red light on a scooter offers an intimate look at
the person(s) riding next to you that you can’t get from waiting at a red light in a car.   imageIt’s not like sitting in your car at a red light and you can only see a glimpse of the face of the car driver to the right or left of you.  Or behind you in your rear view or side mirrors.

There is imagesomething very intimate, very uninhibited about sitting at a red light with other scooter riders, without the barriers of windows or doors to block what the driver or passenger(s) they look like.  imageThe difference is there are no barriers to their surrounding space on their scooter.  Sitting at a red light on a scooter for me is a never ending story that gets played out not by the length of the chapters in a book, but by the length of the

Propane gas delivery
Propane gas delivery

stop light you are siting at.  The constantly changing story could be 30, 60 or even 90 seconds long.  And the story offers a real time glimpse of everyday life here in Taiwan.  The current fashion they are wearing, the conversation you are overhearing, the people you are next to.  The style helmet a person is wearing reveals a lot about a person, or the decals or personalized paint jobs on their scooter.

Taiwan mailman
Taiwan mailman

The person(s) on the scooter around you could be a secretary, a doctor, a construction worker, a college student, a grandmother, a grandfather, a family of four, a man a nd his dog, a woman and her dog, boyfriend and girlfriend, 2 buddies, 2 girlfriends.  A transparent view of the every day way of like here captured on a scooter in Taiwan.

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