“10/10” Taiwan Holiday Weekend…

No biking this Sunday as today marks the beginning of a 3 day holiday weekend to celebrate October 10, 1911 or “10/10” as more commonly known.  10/10  celebrates the ending of Imperialistic rule in China with the ending of the Qing Dynasty and the formation of The Republic of China.  Wikipedia Link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuchang_Uprising


We were passing by our friends bicycle store from where our organized Sunday bike rides originate from to say hi to Emma, Sung-Yan and their son Wen-Liang.  Their store is 5 minutes away from our home and we wanted to say hi as this is a get away weekend for short vacations.

We are headed to Taipei on Sunday for 2 days to see my visiting U.S. relatives and also to see our friends.  We haven’t been back to Taipei for over 10 months and I am excited to return.  Taipei is a bustling city like NYC and there is plenty to see, do and eat there.

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