Return to Taipei for 4 Days…

Last week I received a pleasantly surprised text from my cousin Graham from Colorado to tell me that he and his wife Kerri would be visiting Taipei for the very first time for one week.  Also that he would be meeting in Taipei his father and mother, who are both my Uncle and Auntie as well as my Godparents.  They were were already in South Korea and they were going to make the 3 hour flight from Seoul to Taipei as part of their return trip back to Colorado together.

The timing was right for me and Sintty as we have been busy in Taichung since we arrived back last August.  Also because we haven’t been back to Taipei in over 10 months and we have been talking about going back for awhile now to visit.  Taipei is a great city.  A charming, cosmopolitan city that I compare to as a mini New York IMG_4328City in terms of the vibe, the many restaurants, the different neighborhoods, the total non stop, open all night, something for everyone type vibe.  I was looking forward to seeing my first visiting relatives who have never been to Taiwan to show them why I love it so much here.  IMG_4338Also we have many friends and family in Taipei and we haven’t seen them in 10 months, so we were excited to go back together for the first time with all 3 dogs.

IMG_4510We departed Taichung Sunday morning by high speed train to Taipei.  Taiwan’s high speed train runs north from Taipei  through Taichung and then all the way to the southern tip of Taiwan to the the city of Kaoshiung.  From the top to the bottom of Taiwan what takes normally  5 – 6 hours by car or bus, takes only 2 hours by high sped rail.  IMG_4535A bus from Taichung to Taipei is cheaper and takes just under 2 hours to get there but although the high speed rail is a little more expensive, it cuts the travel time in half to one hour.  We booked a room at the W Hotel in Taipei for 2 nights and then we stayed at our Taipei family ‘s apartment for the last night.  Our dogs stayed the entire 3 nights at the the apartment there.

Sunday –

Checking in Taipei W Hotel. Sightseeing with my relatives through a refurbished Taiwan traditional town in the outskirts of Taipei in Shengkeng. Lighting a sky lantern at Pinxi Rail Station Late brunch in the North coastal seaport town of Keelung.  Late dinner with our Taipei family.

Monday –

Sighteeing in Taipei at the Ximending Shopping District,  Taiwanese shabu shabu lunch.  Late dinner with Sintty’s visiting older brother from New York City and with Taipei friends and family.

Tuesday –

Vegetarian lunch buffet with my relatives, Sightseeing in the old gold mining mountain village of Jiufen just on the outskirts of Taipei.  Dinner with our Taipei Family.

Wednesday –

Sunday lunch with Taipei friends discussing possible business ventures together.  Return to Taichung by bus.

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