Dakeng Mountains Trail #4

imageThis past Saturday Sintty and I, with our 3 dogs Kobe, Lola and Mina joined our new friend Judy and her dog Lulu as well as her nephew and his wife,  and went hiking together on Dakeng Mountain trail #4.  We met Judy and her dog in the middle of trail#2  last week Saturday.

This time we completed the entire trail whichimage
took us about 6 hours.  The beginning of the trail had another vertical climb but was more longer and slightly gradual than the one on trail #2.  Trail #4 was about 95% entirely in the same rail road like tree logged path along the mountain.  imageIt had about 6 different rest areas varying in size that contained shelter and picnic tables.  The views were tremendous and breathtaking again.  Our dogs walked on the safer part of the path while we carried them on shoulder slings the rest of the way.  My left knee acted up on me halfway because of the unevenimage path the entire route.  I think was also contributed towards the achey knee was that we had to rush through the path because Judy’s nephew’s wife had to work later in the afternoon.  I think I may have a slight tear in one of the knee ligaments.  It’s an old ache that acts up on me whenever I walk, jog or bike on unlevel ground and it puts more stress on the knees.   I wound up limping down and walking sideways on the return trip down the mountain.

imageTrail #4 is popular for the degree of difficulty, the more clear point of view form the mountain back towards Taichung city and for monkey sightings that inhibit this part of the mountain.  We wound up seeing one monkey just as we neared the parking area at the bottom of the trail.  The little fella swung over tree branches above the trail andimage then down a gully on the side of the path.  We never had a chance to get a picture of the monkey.  We will definitely loved this trail as well as trail 32 from last week.  I will also need to be better prepared with more water to bring since it was a 6 hour hike.

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