Taiwanese Fox Stomach

Judy and Brian to the left of Sintty. Wendy and her daughter behind me.

Sunday evening we invited friends over for dinner.  These 2 friends we met separately in public in Taichung and it reflects the kindness and friendliness of the Taiwanese people.  We met Wendy last March at an afternoon market while we were shopping for dinner.  Wendy heard Sintty and I speaking in English while we were all waiting in line together at a sushi stand and she asked if I would be willing to help tutor her high school daughter in English.  I wound up tutoring her daughter Celine for a couple of months and Sintty and Wendy became good friends.  Wendy helped us find contractors for renovating part of our new apartment.

IMG_4250We just met our friend Judy last week Saturday while hiking in the Dakeng Mountains with her dog Lulu.  We were surprised to see dogs walking on these rail road type tree logged paths and Lulu caught our eye as she was walking with Judy.  We found out Judy and her husband Brian lives close by our apartment.

I made a pizza for appetizers, and roasted chicken and potatoes with asparagus for dinner.  Judy and her husband Brian also brought over some imagehome cooked fox stomach and lamb in rice wine soup.  Brian told me the fox stomach is a rare Taiwanese dish that was served over dinner only when businessmen were consummating deals together and it was usually at the home of someone who was able to get the ingredient but also know how to prepare it.  The stomach has to be probably cleaned first and it is a time-consuming process in which it is rinsed many times and boiled in vinegar.  A rare dish that not many Taiwanese are aware of.  Sintty and our other friend Wendy had never heard of this dish before.   I usually don’t eat any animal organs but after a couple of beers I’ll try anything. It was actually very good.  It was pan sautéed with chile peppers,  There was really no distinct taste except for just the stomach lining texture.

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