Taichung Food Trucks

Belgian waffles
Taiwanese sausages

Sunday we took the dogs to the park in downtown Tiachung and visited an area where there were many food trucks.  These trucks were not the kind of trucks we are accustomed to in the U.S. in terms of the size.  Large SUV passenger vehicles like the Suburban and large commercial trucks are not found here in Taiwan due to the size and congestion of the streets.  Commercial trucks are smaller in scale here and the same goes for food trucks.

Food truck organizer’s daughter

We had a chance to speak to the owner of the lead truck in this group of food trucks that are here every weekend.  He happened to be the organizer of these group of food trucks and was more than happy to share to us how to go about starting a food truck from getting a truck and refurbishing it down to which parts of Taichung that they all go and park to gather as a group.  His daughter loved our dog Mina as she held onto to her during the entire hour that we spent talking about the business.

He gave us his business card and said that if we were interested in more details to contact him and that we could discuss further.  Food truck is another option that we are exploring to do as its a venture that we can control our time and efforts.

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