2015 Taichung Jazz Festival

 image9 days of celebrating jazz music from October 24th to November 1st, held in Taichung Civic Park.  Taichung has joined the ranks of hosting international jazz musicians from home and abroad.The fallimage weather has been great for this event and Sintty and I have been going with the dogs the last 3 nights.

Monday night I invited my friend who is the chef and co-owner of a restaurantimage behind our apartment building that we often eat at.  After dinner we had the concierge call a cab for us to head over to the Jazz festival at the park.  He wanted me to meet his friend who had a food stall at the Jazz event.   We had a little too much to drink with dinner and I wound up losing my scooter and house keys in the cab ride over to the park.

The next day Sintty had the concierge call the cab company to tell them I lost my keys.  That night the cab driver found and dropped off my keys with the concierge.  I had a good feeling it would be returned because I remembered a few years ago a similar lost briefcase story a Taipei cab driver was telling us when he picked us up.  He was telling us how happy he was as he was taking us to our  imagedestination because he just finished tracking down a customer who had left his briefcase in the back of the cab.  At the time I was taken aback because of the genuine sincerity of what he did.  That’s why I had a good feeling my keys would be returned and they were.


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