Solo Mountain Bike Ride

image image image image

My first solo bike ride to the mountains this morning.  Found my way to a short ride  that I’ve done a couple of times already with our organized Subday morning bike group.  The Taichung International Country Club and the Moncoeur Wedding Catering facility is located.  I even passed the organizers of our bike group coming down the mountain as I was just beginning my assent.  They were both pleasantly surprised to pass me as we gave each other the thumbs up.


2 thoughts on “Solo Mountain Bike Ride

    1. Hi David, This is our first time ever doing this type of bike riding. Never thought I would be wearing the Robin Hood tights trekking up mountains, but its worth it doing it for the first time here in Taiwan. There is so much beauty in the countryside and the mountains here that I have to believe Taiwan in addition to being a hidden gem in Asia for foodies here, is also a hidden gem for bicycling enthusiasts


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