Biking in AliShan National Park

Blogging from your smartphone is sadistic.  Got a new IMac today and downsized from 27 to 21 inches.  About 3 weeks ago my 27 inch IMac literally crashed on me to the floor crushing the top right corner and rendering it inoperable.  It’s at an Apple servicing store now having my hard drive retrieved so I can save my 2 years of Iphone photos that were recently transferred to the IMac.

12191653_1141975735831493_4110530010472692859_nThis last Sunday was our best ride to date in terms of the location, the riders and the weather for biking into the mountains.  This time 10 of us
caravanned by car about an hour away southwest of Taichung to the Alishan National Mountain Scenic Area.   It is located probably about the 12193832_1141884472507286_7197657578890443375_nmiddle point on the island of Taiwan.  We parked just on the outskirts of the park and begon our 2 hour ascent.

12063884_1141976012498132_3513644587079044744_nWe trekked up the mountain to an elevation of 12193470_1141975952498138_622854704162027873_n1,200 meters on a road that resembled San Francisco’s Lombard Street.  The views were awesome.  The mountainsides are lined with ledged tea plants and you are surrounded by a sea of clouds at this elevation.

Sintty and I are just scratching the surface in the beauty that Taiwan holds in its surrounding countryside and mountains.

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