Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey…

IMG_8257Turkeys are another uncommon meat in Taiwan.  Instead of depending on IMG_8286Costco seasonal turkeys to arrive we
have a friend who has a poultry farm with some IMG_8282turkeys.  Celebrating Thanksgiving here is a novelty so to have a freshly home cooked turkey to share with our friends IMG_8292is really a special occasion.   In anticipation of Thanksgiving we ordered a small 10lb turkey from our friend’s farm for me to test cook it in my convection oven.  I wanted to have a pre turkey in advance to try with a couple friends so that I could correct IMG_8285what needed to be adjusted and do it again for real and celebrate with a party on Thanksgiving.
I made the usual accompianant with the Turkey.  A stuffing from home
made sausage and home made seasoned bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, fresh corn and asparagus,fresh IMG_8253turkey gravy and baked glazed blueberry doughnuts for dessert.


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