Fall in Taichung

We just passed our 1st year anniversary here in Taiwan.  No regrets.  My fears were alleviated the minute we stepped foot in Taiwan a year ago.  Its been everything I envisioned and more.  We spent our first August summer in Taiwan and it was humid hot.  Your mind adapts to the weather so the whining about humidity and sweat gets replaced by adjusting your way of life.  I perspire more than the average person.  So I bought over a dozen face towels that I have on hand and I always bring one with me when I go out.

IMG_8570It is Fall here and it is in the high 80’s and the humidity is gone.  The weather now in Taichung is just simply beautiful.  This will continue to the beginning of the year here in Taichung then will gradually get to the mid to high 50’s in the dead of winter months.

I carry my Taiwan flag with me on bike rides for occasions like this
Meeting Emma at the GIANT bicycle factory located 42 miles northwest of Taichung
On our return trip to Taichung we rode part of the way with the Women’s bike tour sponsored by GIANT on there way south

This past Sunday’s bike ride led us on a 85 mile round trip trek to GIANT’s Manufacturing Bicycle factory located in the Dajia District northwest of Taiwan.  This was the second weekend in a row that the ride was more of a sightseeing trek vs our normal

GIANT's followup tour van
GIANT’s followup tour van

mountainous destinations.  But it was also to meet our friend and fellow bike rider, Emma Ho who was participating in GIANT’ S company appreciation sponsored 9 day women’s bike tour for store operators of the entire island of Taiwan.  It began ob Saturday in Taipei and we were to meet her and her fellow riders as the GIANT Manufacturing factory was part of their 2nd say tour stop as they head south the southernmost city of Kaohsiung.

In the bowels of Taichung’s oldest sugar cane factory

On the way we also stopped and visited IMG_8539Taichung’s oldest sugar cane factory which is now closed but is a popular tourist attraction.  I like these kind of bike rides as it breaks up the routine and it increases my knowledge of the local area.  These bike rides although are not climbing mountains they are long in endurance and its been great on my cardio and my continued strength on building up my legs.  My legs are getting stronger and I can see my thigh muscles are visually increasing.

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