Pizza to Go

Pizza literally on the go from the side of a busy main street.

Food trucks are sort of a grey area here in Taiwan.  They are illegal but you see food trucks or food carts dotted along some busy street.  We’ve been told the police will ticket them on occasion and fines can range anywhere between $940-1,250 NTD or $30-40 US.  We have seen a couple of pizza food trucks since we have been here.  Pizza in general in Taiwan is very light.  They are a very thin crust crusted almost saltine cracker like.  Almost like eating a diet pizza.  A 10 inch pizza is the largest and they are not sold in slices. There are commercial delivery pizza here like Pizza Hut and Dominos.  And there is also pizza at the dining facility in COSTCO.  Pizza Hut has the same texture as in the U.S. but less salty.

The pizza ought quality was not bad you can see here how thin the dougg is rolled out. They were using a very heavy thick rolling pin.

The pizza food trucks here are small flatbed trucks with a custom brick wood oven mounted on a metal platform on the back of a small flatbed truck.  It will take up half the space and the other half is the prep area.  A 10 inch pizza will average between $220-320 NTD or $7-10 US depending on the topping.  This truck had a 3 people.  One taking orders, one prepping the pizza and one managing the oven.

The guy manning the oven was using a peeler at first then the longest tongs I’ve seen to help rotate the pizza.

On our ride home from the park we decided to try this particular pizza truck.  We ordered just a cheese pie and waited about 20 minutes as their were 5 people ahead of us.  Pies were being made one at a time.  By the time our pizza was done it was already dark out as we ate the pie from the side of the street.   It didn’t have the saltine cracker texture we have had at sit down restaurants here but more of a very, very lighter version of the brick oven pizza found in the U.S.  This pizza was probably the best one I’ve had to date here.

The mindset in making any type of western food here in Taiwan is it has to be altered to custom to local Taiwanese taste here.  Which is less salt, less sweet and very light on the thickness of dough with breads and cakes.  I will stick to making my own pizza at home for now.



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