Finding my Cooking Niche in Taiwan

My first couple of orders for my Baked Italian chicken rolls were served on Monday and Tuesday and I am very pleased for the initial reviews.  I am very humbled, grateful and appreciative from the support of our Taichung friends. Please pass the word out to friends and family as I continue my path to happiness with my passion for cooking here in Taiwan!  Thanks! 🙏🏻💕
  1. 12/7 – 艋舺哥 “雞肉卷敲好吃的Y(^_^)Y;  真的好吃 “ “Chicken roll was very good; really good!”
  2. 12/7 – Emma Ho “真的好好吃~^^” “…was very good!”
  3. 12/8 – 劉珊妙 “好美味!艋舺哥沒騙我!我要加訂2條” “My good friend did not lie to me!  I want to order another 2!”
  4. 12/9 – Bike Wang 林畣榮 “謝謝大廚還貼心加熱,果真吃起來特別香酥可口” “Thank you Chef! it was very crispy and delicious!”
Taking it one day at a time while living life

Patience has been the key as I continue my journey to happiness here in Taiwan.  Letting it come to me when its right.  Let the chips fall where they may.  Instead of diving in head first, we have listened to family and friends alike, tasted  the local food as well as the westernized food here.  Taiwanese taste is light because over salting and over sweetening is not necessary here due to the natural fresh ingredients.  At the same time I have been cooking all types of food with the intent of seeing what can and cannot work for me.  Lately I have started pushing samples to see what type of demand is there.  That is why I lately I have been testing donuts, pizza and now my baked chicken roll.  I have a tremendous support base full of Taiwanese friends in both Taipei and Taichung and I am very fortunate for that as word of mouth here in the Taiwan food industry will make you or break you.  Because local Taiwan news is small time, I have even seen many times on Taiwanese news channels where they report customer restaurant complaints from arguments to the quality and service of a restaurant.



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