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The infamous Taipei Bridge exit during morning rush hour.
The infamous Taipei Bridge exit during morning rush hour.

I recently lost my job in America and I used this turning point in my life to relocate and eventually begin a new career in Taiwan. There are a lot of people in America who know little, if not anything about Taiwan.   When I mentioned to some friends that I was relocating to Taiwan, Taiwan to some of them was often misconstrued with Thailand.  As a kid growing up in America, Taiwan was often synonymous with cheap consumer products labeled as “Made in Taiwan” or synonymous with the consecutive winning streaks of the Taiwanese Little League teams winning the Little League World Series Championships in Williamsport, PA during the 1970’s.

My first visit to Taiwan was in February, 1989 with my future wife at the time to take our traditional wedding photos in Taipei before our actual wedding in America.  At that time I truly enjoyed Taiwan for its mixture of old and some modern intertwined within the cities.  It had an old charming feel to it but with some of the modern technological conveniences lacking.

Fast forward to 2012 when I returned to Taiwan on vacation for the first time with my wife since 1989.  I was completely floored.  The age of the internet had completely leveled the playing field with the rest of the world with respect to modern technology and fashion trends.  Prior to the internet Taiwan was always a few years behind in terms of the technology and the fashion.  However information is instantaneous now for countries like Taiwan and now everyone has the same modern technological conveniences and fashion.  The only true difference now is the landscape.  Combined with the renowned kindness of the Taiwanese people, the social services, the quality of life, the freshness of the food ingredients and the charming natural beauty of the country, Taiwan is truly a hidden gem.

So please come join me and experience through my words, sights and sounds my journey from NYC to Taiwan to begin a new 2nd life with my wife and 3 dogs from the perspective of an American born Chinese.  I will be sharing everything of my daily life here from my experiences of learning Mandarin Chinese, to my experiences of being considered a foreigner, to passing my auto and motor scooter drivers license, to our search for a new home, to the relocation process of our 2 dogs from NYC,  to sharing the sights, the sounds and the smells of the beautiful Taiwan coastlines, country and mountain sides.  And most of all I will share with you my passion for food here in Taiwan as well as share with you my personal quest in search of my new vocation here in Taiwan – the choosing of the right culinary vocation for me based upon my personal experiences of being the family chef in America.

2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Jodie

    Hi Guys!

    I stumbled upon your dogs’ Instagram the other day and I felt so ecstatic! I’m from Los Angeles and my family is in Taichung. I’m planning on taking one or two of my dogs back to Taichung. I have not done it before so I’m not sure if it’s a good choice. I hope I can hear from you guys on your experience on taking 3 dogs! Please let me know! Feel free to visit my dog’s Instagram @poo_poo_littlered

    Thank you!! Cheers.


    1. Hi Jodie, Thanks for stopping by. We actually brought 2 dogs over. Kobe and Lola. Mina we adopted here in Taichung last February. We returned to NYC last May to bring back our 2 dogs back to Taichung permanently as we recently relocated here last October 2014.. In my honest opinion unless you are not staying in Taiwan permanently or a real long extended time, I don’t recommend you bring your dog(s). The main reason is that they immediately have to be quarantined for 3 weeks because the US is considered a rabies infected country. Taiwan and a lot of countries have very strict animal bio laws to prevent any diseases from entering the general population. Every pet is different mind you, in being capable of handling the duress that they will be under from the travel in the airplane to being alone in a cage for 3 weeks while the Animal Quarantine facility monitors your dog. You are allowed to visit them every day during visiting hours. Taichung is one of 3 animal quarantine facilities in the country. The other 2 are in Taipei and Kaohsiung. We also were very lucky to work with EVA airlines to allow our 2 dogs to fly with us in the cabin as service dogs. Some airlines will not allow that and they have to be shipped in the cargo hold which can be very stressful for the pet. There is also a lot of time sensitive paperwork that also needs to be filled out between the Taiwan quarantine facility, your veterinariun, the airlines and also with the US Export Agency for shipping dogs out of the country. It was very time consuming but we had no choice because they are not returning back to NYC. We were very lucky that out 2 dogs handled the entire flight (15 hours) as well as the 3 weeks in quarantine without incident. We were told at the quarantine facility that not every dog/cat handles it the same and in some instances can be tragic due to the stress the animal was under. I will probably do a blog related to the process that we just went through. If you have any more questions please feel to ask again! Thanks. Ed


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