A Visit from our NYC Friends

IMG_0011This weekend we had a nice reunion with our NYC Soho neighbors and friends, Tom and Annie Yuan who were visiting family here in Taichung.  Tom got to see firsthand the life I gave up in NYC and to confirm that my  life here in Taiwan is for real. lol…  I know I had some doubters as to my “survivability ” here but I know who I am and thats all that matters.  I now know I have Tom to validate my new life here when he returns to NYC.

Tom and Annie are leaving Monday for NYC and also got to bring back IMG_0009with them to NYC my baked blueberry glazed donuts.  But I doubt the donuts will make the plane ride back by then. lol


My First Made $100 NTD

My first customer 

It was dogs and donuts in the park at The People’s Park in Taichung.  The People’s Park in downtown Taichung is crowded with dogs and people especially on the weekends.  It gave us an opportunity to pass out freeimage samples of my baked blueberry glaze donuts.  I even made my first $100 NTD bill which is about $3.20 U.S. to a customer who insisting on paying

Kobe, Lola and Mina were more of a hit than our donuts…lol

for a container of 4 donuts.